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I consider opera-conducting my most important activity. I am interested in theatre in its complexity,
therefore when I get an oppurtunity, I am also pleased to direct a piece which is keeping my mind occupied. I am open to conducting operettas and musicals, too.

As an executive director of a theatre I am interested in popular operas. I believe that the spectacular performances of these works, which also emphasize acting, can always guarantee the future audience of this genre. As a stage director I work out the conception of the scenery by myself. As a conductor I try to create the most extreme sound effects possible. In my professional life concerts are feasts, and opera is the everyday work. I would never change this.

I feel most at home conducting Verdi, Puccini and Wagner. As for the concert podium, it is Bruckner, Rachmaninoff and Shostakovich who delighted me the most in recent years.

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